Questions List for Store Visit Report

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Questions List for Store Visit

Store Name: # 01043 Superstore North, ON Date: 1 p.m. Oct 30, 2010 Main Contact:

Section 1: General Information

Q1. Which year was this superstore built? Is it franchised or company owned?

Q2. How many employees do we have in this Superstore? And how big is the sales area on the floor? -275 employees with 140,000 Sqft on the floor

Q3. Can you please introduce the organization structure (management team)?

-1 Store Manager, 3 ASMs, 20 Dept managers, 58-80 FT Employees

Q4. What are the core categories? What ratio does it account for in terms of sales?

Q5. Who are the main competitors? --- Wal-Mart supercenter, Sobeys, Price Chopper?

1)Where do you see your strength over Wal-Mart?

2)Is there any area for improvement? What are the challenges?

3)SWOT analysis

Section 2: Supply Chain Management

Topic One: Distribution and Transportation

Q1. How many distribution centers do we have and what are they?

Q2. Who are the carriers? Do we have our own transportation team or 3rd party logistics?

1). What are the main logistics methods in the DCs– Cross dock or Flow through?

2). Percentage of the total shipment from DCs?

3). How long is the transit time from DC to you store on average?

4). On average, what is the fill rate from Dcs to Store? Is it considered good?

Topic Two: Store Operations and Inventory Management

Q1. How many SKUs do we have in our store? What are the annual sales?

Q2. What kind of inventory management method do we have?

- Central mgmt (promotion) ----push %

- Store Mgmt (Fresh dept) ----pull %

- Vendor management ----VMI %

Q3. Who will be responsible for order placement in store?

1). How often are orders placed?

2). How is that decided?

3). How are the ship dates decided? Is there any specific ship day from the DC to your store on weekly basis?

4). What happen if you miss a shipping window? And place order late?

5). What is replenishment frequency / procurement cycle for core categories? and non-core Categories?

Q4. What kind of ERP system do we have and forecast and replenishment system?


-Do you deal with MOQ (Min Ordering Qty )?

-Flexible qty can be ordered based on the store needs?

-Buy Pack can be broken? (1 or 2 pcs can be shipped ?)

Q5. What is your key measurement regarding inventory management?
- Sales

- Inventory turns

- In stock

- Fill rate

Q6. What is the product availability from warehouse? How many weeks of supply do we carry?

Promotion Management

Q7). How are the promotions handled? What is the communication processed between the head office and your store?

-How involved are you in deciding the order QTY for promotions?

-Does the head office push the promotion QTY based on the store sales?

-Push too much QTY or Not enough? Can order QTY be returned back to DC/cancelled if store considered too much?

-How to deal with the Out of stock for hot items? Can be reordered?

-How to deal with the over stock items? Are you involved in markdown? if so, How?

Case study: Electronic Dept

1). In your opinion, what are the reasons for this situation? Over stock ? -How often do we order for Electronic Product?

-Is there any min order QTY?

-Is from DC to Store? Or From Vendor to store directly?
-Forecast Accuracy control?
-Who place order for it? Store or Head office? Or Both?

2). How can we improve it?

Regular Item Management

1)What is the total percentage of store managed items?

2)How to deal with short shipment?

3)How to deal with out of stock situation? How to communicate to customers?

Q8). Overall in supply chain, What are your strength ? Weakness? Strength:
-Are there any Exclusive items?

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