Questions about Unity in Diversity

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Unity in Diversity is undoubtedly a gracious cause. In today’s world, we see a lot of destruction which are being caused because of clashes among races. Racism is a root of headache for today’s aware people. This particular idea of “Unity in Diversity” is, therefore, really generous.

In my opinion, the most tricky as well as toughest challenge in the embodiment of the concept "Unity in Diversity" is spreading this idea among all. I think there are still a lot of people left in this world who hardly have any idea about this concept. Therefore, this concept has to be made familiar to all so that they can start brainstorming about this.

Although, it is a noble duty of each and every citizen of this world to work for bringing unity in diversity, yet I think youths can do much more than others. Young people are more flexible and they have more free time to work on this cause than the seniors can have. Therefore, you people can use their talents to bring their own community under the roof of unity. In my case, it has not been any significant contribution yet. However, I am eagerly waiting to contribute for this. I am looking forward to having the opportunity. I hope that I will get it soon.

I think it is important to preserve diversity in our society. It is because the unique characteristics of each community can help to enrich our global culture. A member of a particular group of people can learn many things from others. Therefore, diversity without fragmentations is important to have a rich universal culture.
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