Questionnaire on Jeweller Marketing

Topics: Fashion, Brand, Jewellery Pages: 3 (422 words) Published: February 18, 2011
Management Thesis
A comparative study on the consumer’s preference towards branded jewellery over non branded jewellery in Nasik QUESTIONNAIRE NO. ___
Hello, I am ____________________. I am a First year student of management pursuing my MBA from............................ As a part of my curriculum I have to undertake a survey on the given topic. All the information that we collect is strictly for study purpose and will be dealt with at most confidentiality. This survey would take only 10 mins of your time. Name:

Telephone number:Age:

1) Factors that guide you while purchasing jewellery?
Design Price Purity Brand Image
VarietyDisplay Promotions and offers
ServiceFamily and friends influence
2) Are you aware of the various jewellery brands available in the market? Yes No
3) Tick against the brands that you are aware about in the jewellery market Gili TanishqTakle Bafna
4) You buy jewellery for…
Investment FashionOccasionsFestivals
5) Which jewellery do you prefer?
Branded Family Jeweler
6) Have you bought any branded jewellery?
Yes No
7) Do you buy jewellery for gifting purpose?
Yes No
8) Where do you prefer to buy the jewellery from (for gifting)? Branded Family Jeweler

9) Given below are few characteristics of traditional family jeweler’s (or local jewellery retail stores). Please give each characteristic some points based on your assessment, such that the points range from 1 to 10. (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest). Characteristics of Family Jeweler’s| Number of points|

Convenient |  |
Trustworthy|  |
Good Investment|  |
Price|  |
Traditional design|  |

10) If you purchase branded jewellery then given below are a few characteristics. Please give each characteristic some points based on your assessment, such that the points...
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