Quest Analysis

Topics: Interview, Arabic language, Varieties of Arabic Pages: 3 (702 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Quest Analysis


The article presents an examination of the language practices and attitudes of the stakeholders in a Yemeni community school located within a predominantly Yemeni society living in northern England. The school used in the study was a 'complementary school' which was set up with the purpose to teach school age children of Yemeni ancestry their heritage language and culture. The participants of the study included the various stakeholders in the community – students, parents, teachers and community administrators. The article briefly described how and why the Yemeni community ended up developing in northern England. The study compared and contrasted the language repertoires and language practices amongst the stakeholders, pointing out distinctions. The study also delved into the language ideologies and how they attributed to the values placed on the various language repertoires. Lastly the article described language management practices with in the Yemeni community and within the Yemeni complementary school. Not surprisingly the article found that language preferences and behaviors vary greatly amongst the generations within the Yemeni community. The older generations value the conservative, traditional Yemeni heritage and languages much more so than the younger generations. The article also found that within the community school setting, there has been a language shift towards English dominant bilingualism in the younger generations despite efforts by the older generation to instill strong affiliations to heritage language.


The article brought up many interesting questions. It really wasn't clear what the motivation was for the heritage language to be taught in the community school. Was the motivation more religious-based or communication based. The article points out how they're different varieties of Arabic and that classical/standard Arabic although held in the highest regard is really used in the...
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