Queen Latifah

Topics: Queen Latifah, Living Single Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: February 28, 2012
The childhood background of Dana Elaine Owens helped her become who she is today. On march 18,1970 in Newark, new Jersey, Dana gave the enlightment to her parents Lance and Rita Owens and also a older brother Lancelot. Her father being a police officer, she became very close to after teaching her martial arts and taking her on camping trips. Dana Owens parents divorced and her mother took in her brother and her. She was determined to offer her children a better life, Rita worked two job while attending community college. She eventually took the position as a art teacher, and moved the family to a house on Littleton Avenue Newark. In second grade, Dan was found to intellectually gifted . Her mom stretched the family finances so that her daughter could attend a parochial school. At the age of eight he was nicknamed Latifah meaning delicate and sensitive. But the meaning of her nickname didn’t stop her from having a good nature sense of humor. Also she had the athletic abilities which made her a popular student in school, and there she obtained the name Queen: becoming Queen Latifah.

Latifah starred in her first performance playing Dorothy in a production of The Wiz. Starring in performances was going to lead her into the beginning start of her career. Continueing to act she had made on her big screen debuts in Jungle Fever. Then after she was signed to costar in the series Living single. But once starting off good in the beginning, tragedy’s seem to strike in family’s as in her’s. In 1992, her brother was killed while making a turn on his motorcylce crashing into a car. The loss left a terrible void in queen latifah’s life. Like it would in any other persons life, but in effort to deal with her grief, she began playing b-ball for hours alone until she couldn’t run anymore. It’s like when one thing happens another comes along. A July night in a carjacking of latifa’s BMW, the suspects shot her friend Shawn moon in the chest. Later recovering, Latifah called out...
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