Queen Isabella of Castile

Topics: Isabella I of Castile, Spain, Christopher Columbus Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Queen Isabella of Castile

Imagine being born into a place renewing and renovating its knowledge. Not only imagine this, but imagine being a part of the royal family. Imagine choosing a suitor, and then imagine being a queen. Now, when you’re imagining these things put yourself in their shoes. Deeply and thoroughly look into all the challenging responsibilities a queen must go through on a daily basis. Queen Isabella of Castile is such a shining prime example of powerful queen ship during the Renaissance.

Isabella of Castile had blue eyes, chestnut-haired, and beautiful. She favored jewels and lovely gowns that she wore throughout her life. As heiress to the throne of Castile she had her pick of royal suitors. Her brother, King Henry IV of Castile, arranged a marriage to Don Carlos, the Prince of Viana. But before the final arrangements could be made, Don Carlos died. King Henry IV had tried to arrange other marriages to Isabella, but she had already chosen Ferdinand. Her brother was furious. He threatened to throw her into the dungeon. Because of her powerful supporters, he knew he could not do that. Instead, he made her promise that she wouldn’t make any arrangements until after he returned from Andalusia. However, as soon as her brother left she began to make arrangements with Ferdinand. However, she had to find him. So she sent out noblemen to search for him and he was finally found in Sicily, Italy. He braved a trip back to Spain and married Isabella in 1469. This began the thirty-five year joint rule of a unified Spain by the Catholic Monarchs. Isabella had five children with Ferdinand which include: Isabella, Queen of Portugal, John, Prince of Asturias, Joanna I, Queen of Castile, Maria, Queen of Portugal, and Catherine, Queen of England.

Isabella is famous for many important things. The most famous would be her sponsorship for Christopher Columbus to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in hopes to find a way to get to India. In 1492,...
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