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Getting Started with QUBEE Device You need to prepare your device to get connected to your QUBEE prepay package. Please follow the below instructions to get your device ready: For Gigaset:    Please open the box Connect adapter to the power source. Connect the LAN cable to your Laptop/Desktop and follow the below instructions.

Step: 1 Open a browser and type in the address bar. Press ENTER to proceed.

Step: 2 Press OK to continue for the next step.

Step: 3 Select Advance Settings

Step: 4 Select WiMAX Configuration and proceed to the next step.

Step: 5 Now type qubee@qubee.com.bd in user name field and type prepaid in the password field. Click OK

Step: 6 Select Administration and now click Restart button and click OK

Step: 7 Your device is now ready to be connected to QUBEE prepay.

For QUBEE UH-235

Step: 1 Connect your UH235 to the USB port of your PC. You will see a auto play box. Select QUBEE WCM Installation Disk. Now click NEXT to continue.

Step: 2 Check I Accept Agreement then press next to continue. Now select your preferred location in your hard drive and press INSTALL. Wait for few minutes to finish the installation process. Click FINISH to end the process.

Step 3: From your desktop shortcut or the start menu open QUBEE WCM go to Menu select settings. Go to the authentication tab and enter qubee@qubee.com.bd in the user id field and prepaid in the password field. Press ok. Now your device is ready to be connected to QUBEE prepay.

Getting Started with Qubee Pre-pay:

If you are using Kaspersky Anti-virus you need to make some changes in the settings to use QUBEE prepay. Please note, doing so it won’t hamper your PC security. Please follow the steps below:

Step: 1 Open Kaspersky

Step: 2 Click SETTINGS

Step: 3 On the left pane select network and click SELECT button in the Monitor port section

Step: 4 Uncheck all the browsers and click OK

Step 1 Open an internet browser (Internet...
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