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Topics: Six Sigma, Strategic management, Management Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Six Sigma is adopted by organizations so that they can increase their revenue. The method of Six Sigma tends to use quality management, i.e. it is a process that helps an organization to improve is operations along with its performance in a timely manner. The process of Six Sigma is a combination of total quality management, zero defects and quality control. Company Background

The organization chosen for this paper is General Electric (GE). GE is a multinational conglomerate. GE operates in four segments; consumer & industrial, capital finance, energy and technology infrastructure. GE has been ranked as the 6th largest organization in US in 2011 by Fortune 500 in terms of gross revenue. The revenue of the company as of 2012 is $147.3 billion. The number of people employed by the company is 301,000 all over the world. (GE, 2013) Selection of Six Sigma Methodology for GE

The quality program Six Sigma was selected for GE, because the company believes that there should not be any kinds of defects present within the operations. Therefore with the implementation of the Six Sigma method the company would be able to find out how many defects are present within the organization’s processes and it would help them to eliminate the errors so that it reaches almost to zero defects. (Daft, 2008) Organization’s Performance Enhanced by Six Sigma

Six Sigma methods can be considered as an organizational approach that tends to improve the services, products and operations of the company in a continuous manner by decreasing deficiency. Six Sigma can also be considered as a business strategy, why because it tends to focus on improving customer satisfaction, productivity levels, financial performance and the business systems of the company. With the implementation of the method an organization like GE will be able to prolong its competitive advantage within the industry by incorporating Six Sigma with the company’s engineering, project management and...
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