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BJB intends to apply a six sigma approach to improving profitability in the innovative CD changers. Using such tools provided through this approach will lead to major cost reduction and quality improvements that will result in an increase in profitability. The approach will involve measuring capability of processes to produce services and products that remain free of defect. Experts at BJB will analyze standard deviation, short term performance data, and critical to quality (CTQ) characteristics to predict long-term process capability. Such analysis will apply concepts to the product, such as opportunity for defect, defects per opportunity, and defects per million opportunities. Experts previously described will use a four step approach to deploy this strategy. These steps include measuring of CTQ characteristics; analysis through benchmarking and gap studies, improvement, and control. With a ratio of 1 expert per 100 employees, BJB will lead more projects per year as well as have a potential savings of $175,000 per project.

Harry, Mikel J. (1998). Quality Progress. Six Sigma: A Breakthrough Strategy for Profitability. American Society for Quality. Retrieved from:

Customer Complaints Management
BJB will apply a Six Sigma approach to manage and improve customer complaints’ management process. This methodology provides an organized structure for solving and analysis of problems. BJB will apply DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) phases to solve and define problems within the organization. First, the problem is defined, variables influencing processes are measured, cause for process failure are analyzed, improvements are planned and made as well as variables are controlled until a defined six sigma level and a solid level of customer satisfaction is determined.

Riesenberger, Carlos & Sousa, Sergio Dinis (2010). Application...
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