Quality of Education in the Philippines

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When we say “education”, we mean academic achievements is not it?; academic awareness and information on every specific subjects of life learn from mainstream schools and universities and not learn outside the mainstream schools and universities. Thus, when one learn something outside what the mainstream schools and universities teaches and share it to others, one is despised as a non-educated person or one’s gain knowledge and information is baseless and rubbish and cannot be accepted like a bastard child begotten out of wedlock.

How can the mainstream educators so sure what they teach is infallible and credible? Actually, the type of education being taught on mainstream schools and universities have largely Western thoughts and Catholic Christian precepts on regards to values and good moral subjects, and despising some major Eastern school of thoughts which are more of high-quality and less erroneous. But sad to say, the majority loves the Western thoughts. So, this is the “high quality” education the new Philippine president of the Philippines is pursuing of: extending two years the Western school of thoughts? What a bright president, the length of one’s study and not changing the obsolete way of teaching and informing on public elementary and high schools in the Philippines is the high quality of education for him? Has the new Philippine president made a joke or he is just too smart that he overlook the real issue why there is a poor quality of education on public schools in the Philippines?
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