Is Education Essential or Just Additional Help on the Way to Success?

Topics: High school, Learning, Education Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Is education essential or just additional help on the way to success? Many young people would confidently say no, it is not necessary. I do not agree with them. Yes of course morals, family, and religion are huge parts of your life, but without a good education, you will have a hard time going anywhere. As far as I’m concerned education is significant. In this world I’m afraid because the word education is misrepresented often. It does not always mean reading lots of books and writing tons of papers to earn a good grade. No! Education means learning how to do things the right way at its most basic level, and when you do things right in life you become successful without a doubt. Economists claim that about fifteen percent of the whole population is enough to produce and provide all the essential goods for the rest of the people. Such situation where production and processing industry are becoming less and less important is causing intense competition in other parts of the economy – mainly services – where only highly qualified and trained specialists are valued and can achieve success.

Sure there are those people out there that don’t need their high school diplomas, or didn’t need college, and that’s just great! They’ve been naturally blessed with strong minds and good skills to provide for them in life. But as with most people, life is a learning process and school helps you organize the early years of that process so you can become efficient and successful as early in life as possible.

After high school the possibilities grow so much greater for you. College is the general destination for most high school graduates but it definitely isn’t for everyone! Some people will continue to college, choose a major, graduate, and become successful in field for the rest of their life. But for others, that may not be the best route to take. Most high school graduates join the military, because it suits their lifestyle.

This is why I decided to go...
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