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The quality newspapers (broadsheets, Berliner…)

The two newspapers we have chosen to compare are the USA Today and the International Herald Tribune. They are dating from Friday, May 29, 2009.

First impression

What strikes out is that the front page of the USA Today is more exuberant than the International Herald Tribune. The page counts six small pictures and three clarifying graphics. The font of the headlines are more bulky, different and short in its titles. Comparing this to the International Herald Tribune, the IHT only counts three pictures on its front page and the fonts are smaller and the types are not differing much. The titles of the headlines are longer. So on the first sight, the International Herald Tribune has a greater proportion of text on the front page. The use of language of the USA Today is more subjective than the IHT. They play on the reader’s emotions by using sentences beginning with ‘you’ and questioning headlines. ( For example: …‘Get arrested in Springfield, Ore, this fall, and you might spend the night in jail – then get a bill for your stay’… And: ‘Are students safe abroad?’

The International Herald Tribune is more objective in its language and so holds more distance to its reader. It provides factual headlines. ( For example: ‘Nuclear power renaissance stalls in Finland’ And: ‘Lacroix falls victim to the downturn’

Both papers carry out several articles on the front page, this is an aspect quality newspapers have. Most of the subjects cover international politics and economy. Especially the USA today pays attention to finances. All three main articles are about economics. On the other hand the International Herald Tribune has four main articles on its front page and all of them are about politics. So a main difference is that the USAT is aiming at the national economics and its statistics and the IHT is aiming at international politics in which the economy plays a smaller role. The paper that appeals us the most is the USA Today, because they are grabbing more attention. With one glimpse on the short headlines already a prospect of the rest of the contents is given. Besides, the personal approach is stimulating to read the paper. The IHT is more time-consuming because it does not set out an index, you are forced to read every page, otherwise you could miss something. Overall the International Herald Tribune portrays a more serious and businesslike attitude, mainly because of its tranquil front page. For young people this could be approached as annoying.

Structure and Contents

The IHT counts twenty two pages. The section that is covered most is about international politics. Prominent figures like Obama, Berlusconi and the nuclear affairs of Korea are discussed. The photos throughout the newspaper are used to illustrate the text and are not very big. In a special supplement it also gives broad attention to culture. Sport is reported on only two pages. Subjects on business are nevertheless covered in a supplement of six pages. Mere five pages are printed in colour and yet do not add any peculiarity to it when you see it as a whole. The International Herald Tribune preserves much space for editorial and commentary (on a two paged spread). There are very little advertisements used. When looking at the advertisements it is particularly striking they are very large and even two of them show watches. The other ads are also very business-like, decent and look expensive, they are directed to people who have much to spend.

The IHT is a daily newspaper published in Paris. It combines the resources of its own correspondents with those of The New York Times and is printed at 35 sites throughout the world, for sale in more than 180 countries. It has long been the staple source of English-language news for American tourists, and businesspeople in Europe. Its roots are in the Paris Herald (established 1887); a merger in 1924 between its parent, the New York Herald, and the New York...
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