Quality Management Worldwide Total Quality Management in India

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Quality management worldwide Total quality management in India ± perspective and analysis R. Jagadeesh

For more than four decades after independence the companies in India enjoyed a protected market with virtually no competition, and some of them even monopolised the market, with customers having little or no choice. As a result complacency set in, and no pressure existed for improvement or change. However, the policy of globalization and liberalization adopted by the Indian Government five years ago, has thrown open new avenues and challenges to companies in India. The new policy has resulted in open doors through which global corporate players have entered the Indian markets, and are threatening the domestic manufacturers and suppliers, using quality as a weapon. This has compelled the managers of local companies to look for those tools and techniques, proven and tested, which would help them to maintain and improve their strategies and positions in the market. One such policy or philosophy that has captured the attention of industry and the business community is TQM. Particularly, in the recent years TQM is even regarded as absolutely essential for growth, stability, and prosperity. This paper has the main intention of presenting an overview of TQM's progress in the country, starting from its initiation to its current status. Besides, the paper also describes how the organizational attempts by various agencies enabled the establishment of a TQM culture. Further, these attempts are presented in a chronological order, to appreciate the role played by various agencies, which resulted in growth and propagation of TQM in India. Towards the end, the gaps that still exist and hence the efforts that need to be channeled are pointed out, so as to result in appropriate guidelines about the work to be done.

The author R. Jagadeesh is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, S.J. College of Engineering, Mysore, India. Keywords TQM, India, Quality Abstract Total quality management (TQM) has spread its wings in every sphere of the global corporate world and Indian companies are no exception. In this paper, first the growth and spread of TQM in India is traced from its initiation to current status. Further, the paper has tried to identify the causes for poor quality of products and service, and the gaps that exist between the expectations and the outcome after adopting the TQM practices. Later a critical view of the quality scene in India is presented, and finally, based on these observations suitable guidelines and recommendations are made to bridge this gap. It is concluded that there is still a long way to go for Indian companies to receive the stamp of acceptance for their products at international level. Electronic access The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at http://www.emerald-library.com

TQM ± the strategic choice
Total quality management (TQM) has become a part of the corporate management The author expresses his sincere thanks to Professor Mark Gershon, Department of Management Science & Operations Management, School of Business & Management, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA 19122-6083, for reviewing the first draft of this paper and offering suggestions and comments, which helped the author to improve the quality of the paper and bring it to its current form.

The TQM Magazine Volume 11 . Number 5 . 1999 . pp. 321±327 # MCB University Press . ISSN 0954-478X


Total quality management in India ± perspective and analysis

R. Jagadeesh

The TQM Magazine Volume 11 . Number 5 . 1999 . 321±327

parlance on a global scale. While it was earlier regarded as ``buzz word'', ``hype'' and ``fad'', it is now considered a ``must'' for survival and success. The ever-increasing number of publications is good evidence of the growing interest about TQM. Ahire et al. (1995) have carried out a literature review on TQM, based on a total of 226...
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