Qualities of a Best Friend

Topics: Trustworthiness, Saul Kripke, Best Friends Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 16, 2011
Best friends. Yes, what really constitutes a best friend? Qualities necessary in a best friend will vary according to whom you speak to. What qualities do you expect in a best friend? For me, a best friend should be caring, trustworthy, and honest.

A caring friend is one that takes quality time to get to know you. A friend that is deeply thoughtful of your situation in life; whether it is financial or social needs. A caring friend is usually one who does not conveniently be absent when you are in the 'valley' of your life. Rather that person makes it his or her duty to be there to listen, comfort and advise if necessary.

Trustworthiness is also high on my priority list of the qualities of a best friend. Trust is crucial. Who does one usually confide secrets in? Yes, one’s best friend. There's much that best friends tell each other; information that should not get out to the public. Personal, financial, fears, feelings towards others; information that if told to outsiders, could become demoralizing to the one it’s about.

Honesty is another characteristic that a best friend should have. At times, a best friend may have to ensure that his or her friend is not lead a stray by others or by that person's own wrong doings. The truth should be told at all times. Yes, it may appear great to always hear that whatever you say or do is correct. But is that always true? Do we not all falter at one time or another? An honest friend will tactfully convey to you your wrong doings, and help you in the best way he or she is capable of doing; in understanding or rectifying the problem.

Many of us are distraught with stress, due to the wide media coverage of natural disasters, wars, poverty, social injustice and political strife. The need of a best friend has become a necessity. Do you have a best friend?
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