Qualitative Study

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Qualitative Study Evaluation
Edwina Williams u5a1
Capella University

Fall November 2011:
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Qualitative Study Evaluation

Evaluation of the Title

The title of this research study is: The internet and student research: teaching critical evaluation skills. I believe that this title is suitable for the research study because it is an overview of the information that relates the point of the study itself which indicates a connection between students and their use of the internet when it comes to utilizing the internet as a research tool. The study reflects the central phenomenon by exploring the issues throughout the study by conducting action research using methods of a table, collaboration aspects, and pre-unit data collection. This research does affect the people (students) and the site which is being studied due to the answers the researcher received in her survey (Heil, Delilah, 2005).

Evaluation of the Problem Statement

The question the researcher seeks to find out is why students in the middle grade using internet sources in the library and if they know how to use them properly when researching for information. Since I have taken this course, I have learned so much about research and its etiquette alone. In Creswell’s (2008) he states, “Research is a process in which you engage in a small set of logical steps from conducting research” (p.2). In other words the researcher does his or her homework gathering information and credible sources as well as accurate data. Another aspect I have learned was how to write in a scholarly way. For instance, I could eliminate any concerns of bias by displaying a balance of writing in my research through the following examples: Poor Model displaying an overemphasized method: in this survey, random sampling will be used so that each faculty member has an equal chance of being selected. Better Model displaying Balance: In this project, 100 academic persons were randomly sampled so that the results could distinguish to the population of academic chairpersons within the research. The balanced model includes comments by the researcher that not only communicates an understanding of a sufficient means of surveying research methods yet it informs the audience about the subject at hand. In a previous research project in this course (Quantitative Evaluation Study), I discovered how to measure an individual’s abilities, collect scores or data to determine outcome, and statistics. This alone was a very challenging task, however, I gained perspective on what to study, how to ask specific questions, again, collect data, and analyze data in a none subjective manner (Creswell, 2008). This being said I trust that it indicates an educational issue to study due to the fact that some middle grade students choose to use the internet as a research tool but lack the etiquette when it comes to choosing credible sources of information which can prevent plagiarism. In this study the survey showed that many students do use the internet for sources. However, the students who answered don’t know are unsure of what the term “evaluating” sources means. As for the students who used more of the web than books this shows that they may find that information is easily accessible and more up to date than books. The author provided evidence that this issue is important by the data revealing that students do not have a good understanding of the internet (p.3). The research problem fits a qualitative approach because of the form of action research the author conducted which was a collaboration aspects and field work on surveying students in the middle grade. Consistency was evident due to the collaboration with teachers and librarians to round up students for the survey and study.

Evaluation of the Review of the Literature

Heil focused on several parts of...
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