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Topics: Cost, Natural gas, Petroleum Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: June 16, 2012
Problem 1
Adele Weiss manages the campus flower shop. Flowers must be ordered three days in advance from her supplier in Mexico. Advance sales are so small that Weiss has no way to estimate the demand for the red roses. She buys roses for $15 per dozen and sells them for $40 per dozen. Pay-off table for the problem is given below.

Problem 3
The Newox Company is considering whether or not to drill for natural gas on its own land. If they drill, their initial expenditure will be $40,000 for drilling costs. If they strike gas, they must spend an additional $30,000 to cap the well and provide the necessary hardware and control equipment. (This $30,000 cost is not a decision; it is associated with the event "strike gas.") If they decide to drill but no gas is found, there are no other subsequent alternatives, so their outcome value is -$40,000. If they drill and find gas, there are two alternatives. Newox could sell to West Gas, which has made a standing offer of $200,000 to purchase all rights to the gas well's production (assuming that Newox has actually found gas). Alternatively, if gas is found, Newox can decide to keep the well instead of selling to West Gas; in this case Newox manages the gas production and takes its chances by selling the gas on the open market. At the current price of natural gas, if gas is found it would have a value of $150,000 on the open market. However, there is a possibility that the price of gas will rise to double its current value, in which case a successful well will be worth $300,000. The company's engineers feel that the chance of finding gas is 30 percent; their staff economist thinks there is a 60 percent chance that the price of gas will double.
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