Qfc 3 Diploma, Unit 64 Outcome 1

Topics: Developmental psychology, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: June 19, 2012
Unit 64
Outcome 1: Understand the purpose and principles of early year’s frameworks.

Assessment criteria:
1. Explain the legal status and principles of the relevant early year’s frameworks and how national and local guidance materials are used in settings.
The most commonly used early years framework in the uk is the Early years foundation stage which has been in force since 2008. This has four main principles which are: * A unique child,
* Positive relationships,
* Enabling environments,
* Learning and development.
The EYFS sets out legal requirements which settings must follow regarding learning and development Some of these include; * The setting needs to have an effective safeguarding policy. * Staff must have up to date training.

* Settings must have adequate up to date records of children’s medical and dietary needs. 2. Explain how different approaches to work with children in the early years has influenced current provision in the UK. The many different approaches to educating children in the early years sector which are used within the UK mean that children have the opportunity to experience different types of curriculum and framework depending on the preferred techniques of the parents, these are some of the concepts: * Montessori which involves a more hands on approach to education, children are encouraged to be independent in their learning. It is believed the most important stage is birth to 6 years.

* The Steiner concept which involves a more holistic approach to education, lessons are focused on spiritual, creative and social skills with less of a focus on intellectual skills.

3. Explain why early years frameworks emphasise a personal and individual approach to learning and development.
The EYFS emphasises that it is vital to treat every child as an individual because they develop at different rates. Different children will need different opportunities to...
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