Eymp4-2.1 Identify Current Policies, Frameworks and Influences on the Early Years.

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EYMP4-2.1 Identify current policies, frameworks and influences on the early years.

Following are the name of policies that influences on the early year setting. * National legislation relating to children’s rights.
* Disability discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005.
* 1989 The Children Act
* 1889 The Children’s Charter
* 1989 The UN Convention on The Rights Of The Child
* 1894 Children’s Charter Amendment
* 1996 The Education Act
* 1997 Sex Offenders
* 1998 School Standards and Framework Act
* 1998 The Human Right Act
* 1998 The Data Protection Act
* 1999 The Protection of Children Act
* 2000 The Sexual Offences Act
* 2000 Criminal Justice and Court Services Act
* 2002 The Education Act
* 2003 Education (Prohibition From Teaching Or Working With Children) Regulations * 2003 Sexual Offences Act
* 2004 Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act
* 2004 Every Child matter
* 2005 Serious Organised Crime and Police Act
* 2006 Violent Crime Reduction Act
* 2006 The Education and Inspections Act
* 2006 Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act
* 2006 The Childcare Act
* 2007 Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act
* 2008 Children and Young Persons Act
* 2010 Children’s Schools and Families
* 2010 Equality Act
* 2010 Working together to safeguard children
Following are the frameworks that are used in early years setting in the UK .

* In England the framework used in early year setting is Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) , Common assessment framework (CAF) and Every Child Matter (ECM). * In Wales the framework used in early year setting is known as Foundation Phase. * In Scotland the framework used in early year setting is known as Curriculum for Excellence. * In Northern Ireland there is no specific curriculum but they will use the Foundation Stage.
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