Pythagoras Research Paper

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Research Paper: Pythagoras

Today, the Pythagorean Theorem is a mathematical idea studied in classrooms all over the world. It was developed hundreds of years ago by Pythagoras, a Greek man, who was not only a mathematician, but a philosopher, a scientist, and a religious leader as well. In his lifetime, Pythagoras discovered and developed many new ways of thinking, and his teachings attracted followers from all over the ancient world. Pythagoras was a brilliant thinker who made many revolutionary discoveries in math and science. His ideas spread all throughout the ancient world and had a lasting impact on the people of the ancient world as well as people today.

Behind every brilliant thinker is an excellent education. Pythagoras was born around 570 BCE on the island of Samos in Greece. His father, Mnesarchus, was a merchant, and he brought Pythagoras along with him on many of his journeys around the Mediterranean. These travels exposed Pythagoras to extensive knowledge and new ideas from countless different places. During the time of Pythagoras, Samos was one of the most powerful Greek islands, and its people experienced a time of great prosperity and achievement. Trade with other Greek cities as well as Egypt contributed to economic growth and inspired interest in math and astronomy. As a boy, Pythagoras was taught by many wise thinkers, and learned about numerous subjects, such as math and music. Pythagoras also studied under the Magi in the city of Babylon, where he was educated about magic, math, and astronomy. Through his thorough education, Pythagoras developed his own set of ideas, as well as making new discoveries. Later in his life, Pythagoras traveled to Crotona, a city in the South of Italy colonized by Greece, where he began to share his teachings with other people. The background and education of Pythagoras allowed him to become the wise philosopher he was, and contributed to his lasting impact on the world.

Pythagoras came up with many...
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