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  • Published : March 3, 2011
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Andrew Poli
7A Alexander The Great Journey to the end of the Earth Norman F. Cantor HarperCollinsPublishers February 1, 2006 My book is about Alexander The Great who is a great conquer. It talks about what happens in his life

from part to part covering a lot of facts.

Alexander the Great was born in july, 356 B.C., his father was Phillip the ll and third wife Olympias, they were macedonian.

He was sent to study with Aristotle a really smart man. Three years later when Alexander had

returned he wanted to show his father his strength and battle smartness so he did. Alexander had

conquered Egypt, Persia, Asia Minor, Syria, India, Afghanistan, and much more.

His main conquest was Ambition. Money was a big thing for Alexander because he was in a lot of

debt, he counted on the opulence of Persia. Macedonian's couldn't trust Greeks because they could turn on them anytime and they did now and then. When King Phillip the ll divorced Olympias and married Cleopatra it made Alexander feel like he wasn't going to be next in line for throne, but later Phillip the ll got assassinated by a guard, some people think that Alexander and his mother had something to do with his death. So that put Alexander as king didn't like the barbarians he went to war with them. Alexander's death was in 323 B.C.,...
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