Topics: Change, Social class, Cinderella Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Juliette Eghterafi
Mrs. Headley
English 10 Honors
Essay Three

The story of cinderella is most known for the transformation of a poor sweet lady into a princess. In many ways pygmalion is the same as cinderella. The only difference is that pygmalion has three characters undergoing transformations. Eliza could be seen as cinderella, because she goes and becomes a young lady in fancy clothes marrying a gentleman. Eliza undergoes the most dramatic transformation due to her having to learn a whole new language. At that point changing classes required a lot of changes, learning a new language, new tactics, new points of speech. Along with learning a whole new life style Eliza dealt with Henry's constant remarks. Though even at the ball she was seen for her beauty and seen as a princess. On the other hand Alfred Doolittle has many transformations as well. Starting out as a dustman and becoming an upperclass spokesman. Alfred though his transformations where due to Henry's comments, it still changed Alfred's life all around. Though his changes were not as great, Alfred still changed as a person. In Society he was still referred to as poor because of his speech. Though Alfred has become wealthy, his speech and the difference is what separates the different social classes. Also having Henry Higgins undergo transformations as well. Henry was known for his rude attitude to others and just having a natural snapback comment to everybody. Though throughout the book Henry understands his ways and becomes a transformed man. As Henry models Eliza, she teaches him how to treat people. He's transformations are still minor due to the fact that he dealt with inner qualities. All three Henry, Alfred, and Eliza had to over come many obstacles to have their end transformation. Though I feel that Eliza had encompassed the most transformations. Eliza had to relearn how to live in a new society. She had many challenges as well did cinderella. The most magical...
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