"Pushing the Limits" by: Katie Mcgarry Book Report

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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Jane Doe
English 10A
2nd Period
Book Report
“Pushing the Limits” by Katie McGarry is an edgy romantic adult fiction novel that pulls you in and keeps you hooked. It’s about a girl named Echo Emerson and a boy named Noah Hutchins. They met at child protective services mandated counseling. Noah and Echo were in two different social statuses but found that they had a lot in common. Noah was put into foster care along with his two younger brothers after his house caught fire and his parents died when he was 15. He was labeled a “problem child” for defending his first foster fathers son for hitting him. He wasn’t allowed to live with his brothers and lost all visitation rights after that. Being cheated by the foster care system, he turned into a bad kid. Echo suffered a trauma so severe that she can’t recollect any memory of the tragic event. Although in two totally different social classes, they find they have a lot in common and spark a heart warming romance.

The story takes place in present day Kentucky (a small town much like ours). Most of the events in this book happen in present day senior year of Echo and Noah. Echo associates her self with more popular people. She even dated had a jock boyfriend (Luke) at one point. She had gruesome scars on her arms from the night she couldn’t remember so she wore long sleeves and gloves to hide her insecurities. After she met Noah, he sees her scars on accident and is the only person she’s ever met to not find them disgusting. She spends half her time thinking about Noah and the other half attempting to convince herself he’s bad news. After she finds out he’s about to start a custody war to adopt his brothers, she tries to force herself away so she isn’t a liability. Once Noah realizes that Carrie and Joe (his brothers’ foster parents) could provide them with a whole lot more than he could and that they genuinely loved the boys, he devastatingly gave up and let them have the boys. They were so thrilled...
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