Gym Candy

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  • Published : August 25, 2009
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The author of Gym Candy is Carl Deuker. Carl Deuker grew up in California. He attended University of California, Berkeley, majoring in English. He currently lives in Washington and is a teacher at Shelton View Elementary School. He wrote seven novels and is working on an eighth. His novels so far are, On the Devil’s Court, Heart of a Champion, Night Hoops, Painting the Black, High Heat, Runner, and Gym Candy. Four of his novels won awards. His novels all have something to do with teens, sports, and take place in Washington.

The setting of the novel is in present day in Seattle, Washington. The main character of the story is Mick Johnson. Mick’s father was a failure as an NFL football player and now looks to Mick to pick up his dreams as a football player. Mick’s best friend is Drew Carney. Drew is the quarterback that struggles to make starting varsity but then makes it. DeShawn Free is another friend of Mick that is also on the football team and is wide receiver. He ends up becoming best friends with Drew when they drift away from Mick. Kaylee is on the volleyball team and likes Mick. Matt Drager is an antagonist in the novel. Matt is starting running back and a “bully” towards Mick. Aaron Clark is also an antagonist. Aaron is the starting quarterback and is Matt Drager’s friend. He is also a “bully” toward Mick. Peter Volz is Mick’s personal trainer. When he is first introduced he is assumed to be gay but then when he is reintroduced we find out he is not. Peter introduces Mick to steroids and is his supplier.

Mick Johnson is the son of Mike Johnson. Mike Johnson is a superstar football player until he goes to the NFL. Mike Johnson dropped out of training camp in the NFL. Mike now looks to Mick to fulfill his dreams as a star football player.

Mick is pressured by multiple things, including his father to do well on the football team. Mick is pressured so much that he ends up taking steroids to please himself and his father. In the end Drew, his...
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