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Case 1

What performance problems is the captain trying to correct?
In the case study the police captain is having difficulty getting the police officers to perform required tasks accurately. Task performance is crucial since it refers to goal-directed activated tasks that are under the individual’s control. The main issue is the behaviour and the result. The behaviour includes police officers not doing detailed and unambiguous paperwork. Since most the police officers are young they enjoy more out in the field and lack motivation in the office. The result is that due to incompetent paperwork the police department is dealing with legal cases in court inadequately. The officers lack motivation and perceive filling out reports as boring. The Captain understands the officers frustration with paperwork. When they signed up to be police officers they imagined themselves on the street, fighting crime, not in an office doing tedious paperwork. It is also frustrating as even if the paperwork is done properly, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will win the case. The force needs to come up with some new, betters way to handle the increased demand for paperwork to be filled out accurately and I am sure the majority of officers would be open to change in order to pursue new innovative ways.

Use the MARS model of individual behavior and performance to diagnose the possible cause of the unacceptable behavior How can the Police Captain ensure that all his officers fulfill their other work obligations? To answer this question, we must examine the MARS model of the individual performance. The MARS model identifies four interrelated elements that have an effect on employee performance: Motivation, Ability, Role Perception and Situational Factors. The MARS model demonstrates that these four factors have a combined effect on individual behaviour. If any factor weakens, employee performance will decrease. For example, highly qualified employees who understand their job duties and have sufficient resources will not perform their jobs as well if they are not motivated. . In this case study, the captain is aware of motivation and slightly of role perception. The other two factors are lacking in the work environment therefore performing one of the duties, paperwork, seem to be an issue. The reason why motivation towards paperwork is feeble because police officers are aware that this task is not the only means towards promotion and they know they won’t be highly rewarded. The reasons why role perception is weak because officers are not properly trained to complete all of the tasks needed in their role. Performance on the street and field seem more crucial for the officers hence an outstanding job out on the field, and since role perception is lacking, paperwork seemed to be always put off or done inefficiently. The police caption needs to thoroughly understand and implement the four factors of the MARS model in order to correct the individual behavior. Behavioural intentions directly predict behavior. However, whether the intentions translate into behavior depends on all four elements in the MARS model, such as opportunity and ability to act. Attitudes are also more likely to influence behavior when they are strong, meaning that they are anchored by strong emotions. 1. Employee Motivation- represents the internal forces of a person that affect their direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behaviour a. Direction: motivation is goal-oriented, not random. the officers were trained to do their job out in the streets, not fill out paperwork. More emphasis in the training could be put on the importance of paperwork and how important it will be in their job.

b. Intensity: amount of effort allocated to the goal. With no goal, and lack of interest, the officers don’t have that driven motivation to do better at paperwork.

c. Persistence: means continuing the effort for a certain amount of time. The officers know that no...
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