Purpose of Education

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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The purpose of education is to open the minds of students to diversity, cultures, and views from all over the world. In order to create such an environment for students, they must be taught from different aspects of different people, should function in an uncorrupt society, and should have an unlimited amount of information that they can access so that the learning process can be achieved easily. Drawing on the articles “I Know Why the Caged Bird Cannot Read”, “A talk to Teachers”, and “Studying Islam, Strengthening the Nation”, a real education depends on a society and allows a student to be active in his or her society and shows how the different types of education affect different types of societies. In “I Know Why the Caged Bird Cannot Read”, the author, Francine Prose, explains how the lists of books given by schools to students are loathed, “numbing sameness, unaffected by geography, region, or community size” (Prose, p. 91) and don’t teach the students anything. Books and literature read in school should be something that student’s enjoy enough to elaborate on them by themselves and at the same time educate them about how different people of different views write differently and function differently in a society. Literature in education should be understanding problems relating to discrimination and prejudice that exist in our present-day society, and to understand and apply these things to our lives. The presented literature of today is hardly given by teachers as something to read closely and to understand and relate to one’s life, but instead as just a normal assignment. “Given the dreariness with which literature is taught in many American classrooms, it seems miraculous that any sentient teenager would view reading as a source of pleasure” (Prose, p. 89), this quote tells us how although students are doing their literature reading, there is not much enthusiasm and interest in doing so, thus there is no real applying of this learning to real life....
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