Purpose and Types of Legal Documents

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Purpose of Legal Documents

This assignment is to correctly identify and briefly explain the following types of legal documents and their purpose(s) in their respective case(s).

Document Example #1: Memorandum of Law - This document relates to the case of Jackson v. Centerville Diner. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the facts of the case, the issue(s) at hand, a summary of the case and the relevant laws and their potential application to the case. The conclusion of the document wraps up the findings of the case and how the law can be used to defend or to object to specific facts in the case. This memorandum, and other memoranda about questions of law as applied to the facts of a case, will be used in preparation and presentation of the case in court. In the case of Jackson v. Centerville Diner, the writer recommends an objection to a discovery request based on law which protects a party from discovery which could otherwise be a burden or expense to that party.

Document Example #2: Police Report – This document will be used in putting together the facts of the case at hand and also the laws which were violated by a member of the Hall family, in particular, one member (the step-son) being attacked with a bat by his step-father, Robert Hall. A copy of this police report was also sent by the police to the local District Attorney’s office, charging Mr. Hall with assault with a deadly weapon. The police report provides evidence that the incident occurred, and details of the incident, including who was involved, where the incident took place, and at what time. It also includes mention of laws involved, and any additional evidence (weapons, statements) for use in hearing and prosecuting (if found guilty) the case.

Document Example #3: Complaint – The Complaint is the first step in starting a legal action; typically filed by the “victim” in a legal situation. The Complaint lists and provides relevant details regarding...
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