Puritans Aspirations to Create a Model Society

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  • Published : February 22, 2012
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In the seventeenth century when the New England Puritans came to the American colonies their goal was to create a model society. The reason that they came to the colonies was in pursuit of religious acceptance and to escape persecution for the beliefs they held to be true. Their aspiration was to create a totally peaceful environment that existed solely to honor God and fulfill his will. They aspired to do this through every aspect of their lives by giving full honor to god for every triumph and glorifying him in every daily activity that they were involved in.

The Puritans believed that they had the right idea about a society was supposed to exist. They believed that the way of life they practiced was the only way to be fully compliant to the will of God. In their way of life there was no secular influence. Puritans did not have any worldly influences. The only thing they looked to for guidance on how to go through daily life were the bible and the will of God. They wanted their society to be an example to other people of the world. They thought that through this they would be able to convert everyone to their Puritan beliefs and form a completely Puritan society. They felt that my creating a society who’s only goal was to honor God, God would bestow blessings upon the society and it would thrive.

Puritans did not want their church to be controlled by the state. They wanted total religious freedom and the right to be able to practice their religion in the ways in which they deemed appropriate. To accomplish this goal, Puritan doctrine made it illegal for any Puritan minister or official in the church to hold a public office in the government outside of the church.

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