Purchasing Procedure

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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This procedure describes the method of recognizing needs for critical products / materials via placement of order, receipt and inspection test.

1. Scope
This procedure applies to all departments

2. Definition
SFVSpitfire Controls (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
GD, DGD, PUD, ADDGeneral Director, Deputy General Director, Purchasing Director, Administration Director PU, EG, PD, FA, AD, QA,Purchasing Department, Engineering Department, Production Department, Finance and Accounting Department, Administration Department, Quality Assurance Department

3. References
QAP001Document Control
PUP002Supplier Evaluation.
PUP004Warehouse Control
PUP005Control of Nonconforming Material

4. Procedures

5.1. Commodity Classification
The purchased commodity is classified as below:

|No. |Classification |Description | |A. Purchased commodity impacting strongly to quality of SFV product | |A.1 |Main material |The materials, components, parts, etc. make the products | |A.2 |The important services |The services can effect strongly to the quality of the product such as | | | |Maintenance of production instruments, | | | |Calibration of measuring equipments, | | | |Transportation of product, etc. | |B. Purchased commodity not impacting strongly to quality of SFV product | |B.1 |Consumption materials |Consumption materials are used every day at PD, QA, EG such as alcohol, stick, | | | |etc. including tool and supplies. | |B.2 |Machinery, tools |Machines used in PD, EG, QA to manufacture the products | | | |Office equipment such as PC, Printer, Facsimiles | | | |Furniture such as chairs, desk, cabinet, etc. | | | |Services(exclusion A.2) such as maintenance or repair PC, air conditioner, | | | |building, cabinet, desk, etc. | |B.3 |Software |Software used in production and office. | |B.4 |Stationery |Papers, ink, file, pen, etc. | |B.5 |Staff amenities |Staff amenities such as | | | |Tissues, soap, perfume for room, etc. | | | |Uniform such as clothes, shoes, caps | | | |Catering such as meal and drinking water | | | |Admin services such as transportation for employees,...
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