Services Marketing Integrating Customer Focus Across the Firm

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services marketing integrating customer focus across the firmChapter 01

Introduction to Services


Multiple Choice Questions

1. (p. 4) In the simplest terms, _____ are deeds, processes and performances.  A. Attributes
B. Experiences
C. Services
D. Goods
E. Benefits


Difficulty: Easy

2. (p. 4) The maintenance contract offered by Sears on its Kenmore refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves is an example of a(n) _______.  A. Service
B. Experience
C. Attribute
D. Good
E. Benefit


Difficulty: Easy

3. (p. 4) When Heather goes to the local gym, she has a personal trainer who helps make sure she is using the equipment correctly. The personal trainer is an example of a(n):  A. Service
B. Experience
C. Attribute
D. Good
E. Benefit


Difficulty: Easy

4. (p. 4) Many people when they go on vacation are choosing to leave their dogs in posh pet resorts that offer a variety of activities for the dogs, such as swimming pool frolics, nature walks and hayrides. Dog owners are paying $17 per night for basic boarding at the pet resorts and up to an additional $20 for the other activities, which would be collectively classified as:  A. Goods

B. Values
C. Services
D. Satisficers
E. Attributes


Difficulty: Easy

5. (p. 6) _____ is a key determinant of whether a product offering should be classified as a product or a service.  A. Physicality
B. Audience passivity
C. Tangibility
D. Perception
E. Abstraction


Difficulty: Easy

6. (p. 4) Which of the following is an intangible component of a car repair shop?  A. Replacement parts
B. Employee uniforms
C. Barrel for storing recyclable motor oil
D. The training the mechanic has received
E. Customer waiting area


Difficulty: Easy

7. (p. 4) Which of the following is an example of a tangible component provided by a hotel?  A. Wake-up call
B. Guest rooms
C. Room service
D. Express check-out
E. Guaranteed reservations


Difficulty: Easy

8. (p. 3, 11) Which of the following is NOT an example of a service business?  A. Amusement park
B. Hotel
C. Bank
D. Department store
E. Soft drink bottler


Difficulty: Easy

9. (p. 17) Extron Electronics makes coaxial cables for connecting computers to all types of peripheral devices like printers, modems and fax machines. For the benefit of its customers, Extron provides a laminated card with pictures of all the possible cable connections that a customer could need. With this card, a customer can order from one to any number of connectors with as many feet of cable as is needed. Orders can be placed using a toll-free number, a fax number or an e-mail address. Company reps are also available 24-hours a day in case the customer is not sure which drawing on the card matches his or her needs. Orders are shipped within 48-hours of receipt. If a customer is not completely satisfied with his or her order, Extron has a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed return policy. Which of the following trends that has influenced the development of services marketing concepts and strategies as illustrated by Extron's focus on customer service?  A. The increasing importance of service industries to the U.S. and world economies B. The increase of government regulation of service industries C. The growth in information-based technology

D. Increased competition in professional services
E. Manufacturing firms are placing increased emphasis on providing services


Difficulty: Moderate

10. (p. 7) Which of the following trends has directly influenced the development of services marketing concepts and strategies?  A. The decreasing importance of service industries to the U.S. and world economies B. The growth in information-based technology

C. Decreased competition in professional services
D. The fact that manufacturing firms are placing increased emphasis on providing services E. None of the above


Difficulty: Moderate
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