Purani Jeans Nd Guitar

Topics: Investment, Bond, Mutual fund Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: February 6, 2013
“Purani Jeans aur guitar…” a jingle which most of the college going students might never forget. Somewhere in the song a stanza comes which states – “maangne paise udhaar”. This is a very common incidence happening in college life and the best part is that one gets to have as many resources as she/he requires. But the point is do we actually NEED to ask for the “Udhaar”? Lot many instances have been found wherein because of this “ udhaar” lot many feuds(Big or Small) has happened between best of the friends. So do we actually want to have “udhaar” or get rid of this and still continue to enjoy the beautiful and happening ‘College Life’? (This may not seem 100% doable but “try maarne mein kya jaata hai!!”) So what is the Solution? Very simple – Put the right money in the right pocket in the right quantity in the right time, that’s it! This can be achieved by using the world famous – “Art of Investment” Investment has its own Oxford Dictionary meaning – ‘the action or process of investing money for profit’. The question is how do we practice this art of investment and make the action work for us. In simple terms – how do we invest, where do we invest and when do we invest?

Let’s look out for answers to these questions:
a) Where do we Invest?
Answer - Avenues for investments have seen a drastic change from yester years till date. Now we have simple formula – “zarurat jaisi, salaah waisi”. You name your objective of investment and we have a solution available as per your requirements. One may go ahead and invest in a plethora of avenues as per requirement viz. i) Traditional Debt instruments – Bank FDs, Post Office Schemes etc. ii) Tradable Debt instruments – Bonds & Debentures

iii) Direct Equities
iv) Mutual Funds
v) Gold
vi) Real estate etc.
As per one’s capability, knowledge, resources, risk & time may choose one or more avenues of investments among these. Mutual Funds provide a one-stop solution in all categories....
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