Public Speaking, Fears and Concerns.

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Fears and Concerns about Public Speaking

Fears and Concerns about Public Speaking
There are many things in this world that one can have a fear of. One could be scared of bugs, the dark, or heights; but a major fear is the fear of having to speak in public. In everyday life public speaking is necessary, whether it be in a social or professional setting. My biggest fears and concerns about public speaking are being the center of attention, rejection, and failure.

Being the center of attention can be very nerve racking. Are they judging the way I am dressed or the way I present myself? Are they paying attention to what I have to say? Or even, what will they think of me when I am done my presentation? Lastly, can I stop my nervous habits long enough to finish my presentation? These are all questions that run through my head that could easily distract me from actually presenting in the way I would like too.

At some point everyone has to be concerned about rejection. This is also one of my main fears and concerns. The fact that not everyone will agree with, or accept, the point I am trying to portray. Maybe they just will not care or give me the time of day, and maybe even try to conflict with what I have to say. Then it will feel like I have wasted my time to come up with a presentation just to be ridiculed.

No one ever thinks to themselves that they want to be a failure. My fears could distract me from delivering my presentation in the way I would like. I could stutter, forget what to say, or just not be as well prepared as I thought. This would all lead to a miserable presentation failure. Would I ever gain respect of my audience again? I do not want to be thought of as a failure. That is probably my worst concern about public speaking. With all kinds of fears and concerns about public speaking, it is difficult to think that one could get over them to go on to become a great public speaker. I would like to get over my fears so that I can continue...
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