Public Schools Preparing Students for the Real World.

Topics: High school, College, Secondary education Pages: 3 (1156 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Justin Pope argues, in a Remediation Nation article, that even with a high school diploma, students find themselves unprepared for college’s academic challenges. He states that it is a tough lesson to learn the hard way “through experience” for many students now arriving on campus. To support his suggestion he includes a study that one in three students entering college have to enroll in remedial courses in order to continue with their level of education. Another point Pope makes is that of recently enrolled student, Christina Jeronimo; she said that she wishes that there exists a gap between the demands from college work to high school work, that sometimes high school instructors baby their students. In my experience I cannot agree nor disagree because I have not yet made it to a college level school; however, I agree with this author because it seems to be a great issue for both educators and students to have to first prepare themselves after high school. I also agree because I would not appreciate finding myself having to spend money on remedial classes after high school. One of the points that made me reconsider my opinion on this topic was a comment on Jeronimo that she wishes she would have tried a little harder in high school. Another point of reconsideration was that on average remedial classes run to $2,000 at community colleges and $2,500 at universities. Last point for reconsideration is that students fall behind in their life plans and find themselves stuck financially. “The bill to colleges and taxpayers for trying to bring them up to speed on material they were supposed to learn in high school comes to between $2.3 billion and $2.9 billion annually.” And “These students come out of high school really misled. They think they're prepared. They got a 3.0 and got through the curriculum they needed to get admitted, but they find what they learned wasn't adequate.” Are good quotes that I would use in my essay. This author is a good credible and otherwise...
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