Public Private Partnership: Present Status and Challenges

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Objectives of the study

The objectives of this term paper are as below:

1. To understand the concept of PPP and applicable form. 2. To gain an understanding on issues those are important for developing PPP. 3. To identify the prevailing status and challenges for implementation.

Statement of the Problem:

The main problems of PPP are follows:
* In Bangladesh, PPP has lunched before formulating any strong legal framework. * Absence of proactive human resource to coop with changes in administration. * PPP initiatives aren’t well planed or organize.

Methodology of the Study:

Data have been collected from both primary and secondary sources to prepare this report.

The source of primary data is:
* Personal interview of related persons of PPP.
The secondary data were collected from:
* Study of the related materials of PPP
* Publications of concern agencies
* Web materials

Limitation of the study:

Due to the scarce resources and shortage of time at the disposal of the researcher the study has been limited to secondary sources. The relevant agencies could not furnish us the necessary data. Moreover PPP is very new concept for our economy. Therefore the result should be viewed keeping the limitation in mind.

A paper on
Public Private Partnership: Present Status and Challenges

The changing role Government in recent decades brings ample of new concept. Among them public private partnership is unique in nature because of its participatory concept of both public and private sector. Bangladesh has great potential and PPP can enhance the economic activities to achieve the expected growth. It was started with enormous expectation but the shinning star remains at the end of the path. Typically center-right government more concern about PPP. Government recently unveiled the proposed guideline but it’s not without question. Economic factors stated in favor of PPP initiatives while some influencing factors delay the implementation. Potential partners confirm participation but observe government activities regarding PPP. It is being said, the country has still a long way to go to meet its huge infrastructure requirements.

Public Private Partnership is a contractual agreement formed between a public agency and private sector entity. Its main objective is to allows greater private sector participation in the delivery of services and also allows the public agencies to tap private sector technical, management and financial resources to achieve certain public agency objectives such as greater cost and schedule certainty, supplementing in-house staff, Innovative technology applications, specialized expertise or access to private capital. The core principle of PPPs lies in the risk allocation between the two parties. A well designed PPP redistributes the risk to the party that is best suited to manage it and to do it with the least cost.

The emergence and proliferation of PPP schemes in Bangladesh raises the questions regarding the success or failure in the attraction of investments in the form of public-private partnerships, the determinants and extent of private sector participation. Therefore, this paper aims at providing readers with some background information with regard to types and determinants of PPP, as well as present status, opportunities and challenges ahead.

Literature Review
Types of Public Private Partnership
This section contains a short overview of the main types of PPP ranging from the least modes of private sector involvement to the most complex forms of PPP implying greater risk transfers from the public to the private party.

| Schemes| Modalities|
| Service contracts| The private party procures, operates and maintains an asset for a short period of time. The public sector bears financial and...
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