Public Based Learning

Topics: Doing It, Critical thinking, Virtue Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Reflection on PBL

We encounter different problems in our everyday life and all that we do is to come up with a solution to our problem confronted. Do we realize then that through these things, we are mentally exercised and it allows us to dig our minds deeper and therefore we can now better anticipate different problems that may come our way. And for me, Problem Based Learning is about that mental process that develops our analytical skills to be able to come up with a solution. Thinking, questioning, clarifying, researchinga and many different things involve in PBL really enhances our logic.

During my PBL days, I realize even more that patience has always been my virtue. Since doing PBL involves a process with a deep thinking skills needed, you are not only to enhance your mental skills but different virtues as well most specially the one I just mentioned. Analytical thinking is highly needed to be able to come up with the best solution possible and the sense of cooperation that I develop while doin PBL is one thing that I am really proud of.

As we do our PBL, we have this sense of contribution where in each one of us must have part or tasks to contribute because we do believe that we can do it better having each ideas joined all together. And if I will have the chance to do it again, I’ll have more time doing it. And those time will include researching more and revising more the while sticking to the targeted solution to the problem. And with more time and effort exerted, there will surely be not just a better result but an enhanced learning of the subject as well.

At first we have rough patches in sharing ideas since we don’t use to be together or let me say we are not really that comfortable because we just knew other members but since we have to do it and there’s a specific task and deadline, luckily we overcome that. One more thing is that when all of the ideas are there, we had a hard time putting it all up together. Aside from that, I...
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