Pttls Asignment 2 Explain Ways That You Can Promote Behaviour and Respect for Others

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Once ground rules have been established by the learner group at the initial lesson and voted on they should be typed up in bold letters and displayed in view in the learning environment. Every student is different when it comes to behaviours and respect for others. So agreements have to be made about expected standards of behaviour in the classroom. Ground rules that have been created and drafted by the group are mutually agreed arrangements between the teacher and the learners, these should ensure that the views and needs of all learners are valued and appreciated. An environment that parents mutual respect for each other the learning environment and the course materials and facilities should be created inside a framework of these rules. Some Teachers have found it helpful to set a small piece of home work in the form of a essay or if you like just a small piece of writing depending on the group's ability with the given title "Thinking of others while on this course" , the teacher should give a short pre-amble of what to write and a couple of examples of "Thinking of others " The rules should assist learning in the classroom, appreciation and respect. Learners need to know what the teacher expects from them and what they can expect from the teacher during the course. They need to know where the boundaries lie and what will happen if they step over the boundaries. These rules have to be established by thinking carefully, expressing clearly and enforcing consistently. This is the reason that it is best for the adult group to come to their own set of ground rules. When everyone’s views are considered Learners are more likely to be committed and adherent, and rules less likely to be broken, since they were designed by the group itself. It will instil positive discipline and maximise learning since the rules were set up with them and not enforced from above. Teachers should be careful to follow ground rules, and to ensure that they will be fully prepared for the...
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