Psychosocial Aspects of Life and Aging

Topics: High school, Graduation, Erik Erikson Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Psychosocial Aspects of Life and Aging

BirthStart School Played SoccerPlayed Hockey
____________+__________________+__________________+___________________+ Age 0 Age 5 Age 5Age 7
Trust Industry IndustryIndustry

Gr. 8 Grad.Pet DiedHigh School GradShoulder Surgery
____________+___________________-__________________+__________________+ Age 14 Age 15 Age 18Age 18
Identity Confusion IdentityIdentity

UniversityBegin Finance Career Quit JobStarted New Job
____________+___________________+__________________-__________________+ Age 18Age 21 Age 23Age 23

Met Girlfriend
Age 24

When creating a time line for yourself it gives you a chance to really take a look at the key events that contributed and help define who you really are. Above I have created a timeline of my life, and attempted to find an event that would cover every aspect of the Erickson Theory. Unfortunately this has proven to be very tough as I am only 24 and therefore can only go till the Intimacy vs. Isolation level. Below I have explained why each event was positive or negative for me.

Being born into a family with two older sisters has the great way of making you feel like you are part of a family. This helps any newborn generate trust and comfort with their family. Start school is always a very intimidating time for any kid, but being the youngest in the famiy meant that I had a lot of support from my sisters and parents as they have all been through this already. Even though it may have been difficult when starting school, by joining sports teams allowed me to make meaningful friends and be part of some good social groups.

Grade 8 graduation played a key role in my identity stage, because even at such a young age I started thinking about my future career. This also gave me the sense off accomplishment and my first real achievement in...
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