Psychological and Physical Changes of Aging

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The Physical and Psychological Changes Which May be Associated with Aging

Physical Changes
The Cardiovascular System -
The Cardiovascular System is the body system that we use to deliver in oxygenated blood to various cells and organ systems our bodies so that they can undergo cellular respiration. The system passes the correct nutrients, gases, hormones, blood, cells, etc. to and from the body. The Cardiovascular System also moves fluid around the body; these fluids include blood and lymph. Both of these carry the nutrients that we require and that our organs need. The Cardiovascular system using some of the most important organs in the body, it’s made up of The Heart, Arteries, Veins, Capillaries, Blood and the Spleen. The blood is made up of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. The red blood cells carry an iron-rich protein that carries oxygen and they are very important to keep the oxygen in the body. The white blood cells defend the body from infections and diseases and are vital to the body as they are the main function in the immune system. And the platelets helps in blood clotting, they help cover up breaks in the body’s tissue or skin. If there are too little platelets excessive bleeding can occur, however, if there are too many platelets blood clotting can occur. When people age the elasticity of the blood vessels and heart valves decrease. The blood flow also becomes restricted because of the thickening of vessel walls. The vessel walls thicken due to fatty deposits lining on the vessels. This means that the blood flow around an older person’s body is not as strong as it was. This also means that the organs are not getting the right amount of oxygen, blood or nutrients, which can cause them to slow down and not work as well as they should be. The organs can then begin to fail. The lack of blood flow means that nutrients, oxygen, other gases, hormones, blood and cells are not circling the body like they should be. This again is causing organs to lack the things that they need which means they are failing and not as strong as they were. The Heart will not receive the right amount of blood that it needs which means that there is not enough blood circling the body. This can lead to blood clots, peripheral artery disease, venous insufficiency and high cholesterol. Blood clots occur when there are too many platelets in the body. Peripheral Artery Disease is caused when there is a lack of blood flowing through the arteries. This can usually start in the legs if there is not enough blood going to that part of the body. Venous Insufficiency is when the veins in the legs aren’t working well, fluid begins to accumulate in the feet and around the ankles, it makes it hard for elderly people to walk with or without support as the pressure on their feet and ankles adds extra pain. High Cholesterol is what deposit’s the fatty vessels and plaque on the walls of the blood vessels, which is what reduces the blood flow.

The Respiratory System -
The Respiratory System is what we use to provide the body with a fresh supple of oxygen. Molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanges by diffusion, between external environment and in the blood. We inhale oxygen and use it in our blood so that it can enter our major organs and give them the oxygen and nutrients that they need. We exhale carbon dioxide and other gases that we do not need or want in our bodies. When people age the elasticity of the lungs decreases which affects the ability of the lungs and they find it harder to use oxygen the way that they need to. This causes older people to cough a lot more, it also causing them to find it a lot harder to talk and have a conversation as they tend to lose breath very quickly. Once the lungs start losing their elasticity and they find it hard to use oxygen it makes older people to find it a lot more difficult to breathe and take deep breaths. It also makes them feel more fatigue and they also become breathless...
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