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Reading Worksheet No. 1
Chen, H., Morris, M.J (2007). Maternal
Smoking: A contributor for the obesity epidemic?
Obesity Research and Clinical Practice (2007), 1,

A. Two key issues/theories in developmental psychology that I learned from the readings and my own understanding of these concepts or theories:

1. Psychosexual Development- according to Freud, it is a series of stages that children pass through in which pleasure, or gratification, focuses on a particular biological function and body part

2. Psychosocial Development- according to Erickson, it is the approach that encompasses changes in our interactions with and understandings of one another, as well as in our knowledge and understanding of ourselves as members of society

B. Assess development by looking at:

a. Continuous change or discontinuous change

Discontinuous change. Maternal smoking has a great impact on the fetal development and even the birth weight. Because of maternal smoking and some environmental factors that increases the risk of obesity, the infant may have increase its weight as it age to become an adult. It follows a series of changes as its weight grows bigger and bigger until it becomes obese.

“In summary, smoking during pregnancy has an important impact on maternal metabolism and significantly influences fetal development and birth weight. In addition, it is associated with increased risks of both childhood and adulthood obesity and elevated blood pressure.” (Al Mamun A, Lawlor DA, Alati R, O’Callaghan MJ, WilliamsGM, Najman JM. 2006 as cited by Chen & Norris )

b. Nature (genetic factors) or nurture (environmental factors)

Nurture. Smoking cessation is the one that results to obesity and not maternal smoking there is just the incidence that obesity is higher in children and adults born of smoking mothers. There are environmental factors...
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