Cyp 3.1 2.1 Explain How Children and Young People's Development Could Be Influenced by a Range of Factors.

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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2.1) Explain how children and young peoples development could be influenced by a range of factors such as:

Personal Factors:

Personal factors include:
Influences before and at birth
Health status and disabilities
Sensory impairments/learning difficulties
Genetics effect a child’s development at conception, where the sperm and egg determine sex, height, and eye colour. During pregnancy the mother needs to ensure that she does not smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs. As do young people. All of which, impact on the healthy development of the brain. Genetics can also cause addiction, depression, low self- esteem if these problems run in the family. Perinatal – The actual time of the birth. A baby who is born prematurely (before 37 weeks) may need intensive care and may have problems that affect future development e.g. if a child is born with asthma, the child is less likely to play and be active with friend’s, therefore the child has a lesser understanding of appropriate group interaction or team playing. Learning difficulties in a child cause developmental delay. Disabilities e.g. (sensory impairments) The disability may effect one area of development which in turn may effect another area, meaning that overall development cannot occur, this can lead to low self-esteem and self- worth.

External Factors:

External factors can again effect a child’s development.

Poverty and deprivation

Not one of our own major influences, whereas in other not so well off countries, this is a major fact as these children cannot have any education as there is not any available. Poorer families tend to live in poorer housing conditions and may also have an inadequate diet; this may not include sufficient minerals and vitamins, leading to an increased susceptibility to infectious diseases, and so on. Poverty is the single greatest threat to the healthy development of children and young people in the UK. A third of children and young people in poverty are deprived...
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