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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Kristian Moon
Research Paper
Professor Murphy
November 8, 2012
Music has been around for centuries and music can have a psychological effect on physical activity. Research examining the physical effects of music has been around for over five decades (Ellis & Brighouse, 1952). Music has been shown to have psychological, psychophysical, and physical effects in sports. Music has been shown to increase motivation, mood, and promote team cohesion. Researchers have found carefully selected music can improve exercise performance. It also has the ability to allow athletes to attain a “flow” which allows an athlete to get into a rhythm in their respected sport. How music influences athletic performance is important because it can give coaches and teams a slight advantage in athletic competitions. The affects of music on athletes and competition are directly correlated and understanding how music influences performance can give coaches an upper hand.

A study was done by University of Northern Colorado on the effect of athlete created pre-competition warm-up music on high school female volleyball players. The purpose of the study was to examine high school volleyball coaches assumptions of the impact of pre-competition warm-up music. Eleven coaches were interviewed for a minimum of 45 minutes each.

All coaches in the study believed that having athletes create and develop pre-competition warm-up music impacted each individual and the team motivation to compete(QUOTE). The coaches believed that the warm-up music allowed their athletes to perform at maximum potential. The warm-up music influenced athlete intensity, comfort level, and provided inspiration.

A limitation to his experiment was the data was not collected during the volleyball season. The study was only limited to 11 volleyball coaches who coach in a tight knit community in Colorado. Therefore, it is hard to justify the results of this experiment because the perception of music...
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