Psychology of Music: Personal Identity

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Explore music in identities(MII) in relation to ONE of the following; •Personal identity

Personal identity is something that is greatly impacted by the world of music for almost all of us, as it gives us a sense of belonging and an identity to formulate around. Personal identity can be defined in many different ways when looking from alternate perspectives, however from a purely psychological standpoint identity can be seen as the distinct personality of an individual which possesses cues that the person wishes to be associated. Therefore providing a platform in which defines both the individual and others in terms of similarities and differences. Personality holds a great deal of ones identity as this is something that can be altered, modified and expanded. Personality is “The sum total of the behavioural and mental characteristics that are distinctive to an individual.” (Oxford dictionary of Psychology)Our perception of our identity is something that is linked to how we as individuals feel we are placed in society as the social identity theory suggests, A theory that Polish social psychologist Henri Tajfel (3.) developed suggesting that people naturally begin identify with groups in such a way as to maximize distinctiveness and to belong to a group that offers us a sense of identity and provide us with self-esteem. As the following of the norms of these groups gives us a sense of belonging and provides us with a sense of normality alongside that of individuality. This shows that personal and individual identity many not be as personal as once thought, but more closely tied with group identity. Identity of any kind is something that can be argued to be un-original for many, as the influences of such identity formulation are attributed to that of existing social norms, values, peer groups, media, political outlooks etc. Therefore personal identity is something that we must pick from the world around us, something that we synthesise out of what is out there...
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