Psychology Evolutionary Theory of Aggression

Topics: Reproduction, Sex, Male Pages: 2 (650 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Evolutionary psychologists believe that aggression is linked through genes and has been maintained biologically as people have adapted to the changing physical and social demands of the environment. In the past, males that found other mates desirable found it necessary to compete with other males. The most successful male was the most aggressive. This aggressive behaviour made sure that the fittest males survived and were more successful in securing mates and passing on their genetic fitness to their offspring. In terms of evolutionary explanations, this is known as sexual selection and has led to the development genetically for males to behave aggressively with other males. Evolutionary explanations also state that males would not be expected to fight with females as this would ruin their chances of sexual intercourse with other willing females. This is because females believe that those males that have this particular behaviour would be too dangerous for not only them but also any future children. On the other hand, Hilton Harris and Rice stated that females are equally as aggressive as males as they are known to be a lot more choosy in order to find the right partner. However, evolutionary explanations of male aggression towards females can be explained through jealousy and infidelity. Jealousy is defined as an emotional state that is caused by a perceived threat to a relationship or position. Buss states it motivates behaviours and is a reaction related to fear and rage. Evolutionary psychologists believe that there are differences between men and women in relation to what triggers jealousy. This is where the factor of infidelity comes into place, as the trigger in males is the fear of a partner’s sexual infidelity, as this will lead to uncertainty in whether or not the child is actually his. Therefore, according to Archer male aggression can be viewed as sexual jealousy and possessiveness which comes from the whole concept of the uncertainty of the male. As...
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