Psychology and Topic Sentence

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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ISU Essay Outline
Introduction: Three main characters are rising up in a school called Hailsham. Kathy, Ruth and Tommy are living for donate their vital organ when they become adults. The fact reveals when protagonists become teenagers. Attention Grabber: “ None of you will go to America, none of you will be film stars…your lives are set out for you.”(81)Explanation/Elaboration of Attention Grabber:Having a life are sat out is painful;Further Information: It is one of a moment protagonists are growing up, lose innocence and no longer being careless like a child.Transition to author & novel:, Kazuo Ishihuro is describe protagonists life throughout Kathy, the narrator’s flashback memory in <never let me go>. Elaborating on novel: Thesis: People are rising up, at the same time they changed and loss their innocence. | Body Paragraph 1: society Topic Sentence: Lose dream and plan because of society change.Point & Evidence: Hailsham students’ sex lessons and their attitude, it affect Kathy is attitude.Point & Evidence: Ms. Lucy tells them the truth about why is they create to the world. Point & Evidence: Ruth and Tommy start dating Concluding Sentence:| Body Paragraph 2: personal change Topic Sentence:Point & Evidence: Ruth wants to be “normal”. 1. drive to find her possible, her behavior in the car 2. behavior to Tommy is shoulderPoint & Evidence: Kathy wants to find her possible in magazine Point & Evidence: Tommy is short temper being astringe when he grows upConcluding Sentence:| Body Paragraph 3 Friendship Topic Sentence:Point & Evidence: Point & Evidence:Point & Evidence:Concluding Sentence:| Conclusion:Restate thesis in a different way:Recap of central arguments:Insights or other comments about your topic: * * * |