Of Mice and Men Essay Outline

Topics: Objectification, John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: June 1, 2013
In Of mice and men John Steinbeck strongly demonstrates the demeaning image of the woman- mostly.

- what points will be brought up in essay?
• The novel presents women as sign of danger
• How women are viewed through men and novel
• they self-objectify
• Putting a price on the female body is one of largest aspects of objectification. • Even though Susie and Clara present most objectification they have what everyone wants • CW’s appearance is changed throuout the novel

- therefore, although the novel seen through a patriarchal lens, views women as self objectifying and inferior, it uplifts their unpleasant appearance by depicting Curley's wife as lonely and isolated.

-paragraph point: How the novel presents women and how they are viewed by men -examples and quotes:
• (novel) “curleys wife” important because gives her no identity • (novel) Everything dark when she appears and signs of caution p 31 important because shows how she is a red flag and a sign of danger • (men)Woman source of all problems- blamed In death p 95 important because even when she is dead she is still being blamed • (men) Poison- p 32- important because this is how she is portrayed • (novel) pretty in death p 93

paragraph point: even though woman are terribly viewed In society, they still self objectify. -examples and quotes:
• Susie and clara- self objectify putting a price on female body • Promote objectification
• In the business of ultimate objectification
• CW constantly self objectifies
• “leaned against the door frame so that her body was thrown forward” p 31 • ironic bc married to curley
• “cant blame anyone for lookin’ p 31

-paragraph point: novel uplifts terrible appearance of women by presenting curly’s wife as lonely and Susie and clara with autonomy -examples and quotes:
• Lonely 78- echos crooks...
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