Psychology and Behavioural Change

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  • Published : May 24, 2011
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The concept of the paper is to raise awareness of contemporary marketing issues from a psychology point of view. In order for one to do this firstly three themes will be established, to allow oneself to gain an understanding of their contribution to understanding consumer behaviour. Ones paper will allow the reader to gain an insight of how marketers use psychology to understand the aspects of consumer behaviour, which in return will allow marketers to change consumer’s behaviour that works to their advantage. The paper will consist of a variety of current marketing psychology issues, which will be raised from each theme. The issues raised will be from a literature point of view and from real life example of consumer behaviour. The three topics that will be crictally analysed throughout the paper are Advertising, Attitudes and Routes to persuasion. Marketing is about getting people to buy products, to do this marketer need and want to understand how consumers decide what to purchase. Therefore they use psychology to tap into consumers’ minds through a variety of ways, without consumers realising that this is going on around them all the time. This now brings me to my first theme. Advertising

“Advertising has been defined as communication and information flows originating within firms, which creates ads and pay to transmit them in broadcast or print media with reasonably clear intentions: to inform, persuade, or remind present or potential customers of their offering or of the organization itself”.(Barton 1950 et, al.) Barton believed that advertising was a means of way to communicate to consumers either through broadcast such has television and radio or through print media, which can be defined has leaflets, posters and newspapers. He suggested that advertising was about making consumers aware of the organization itself and their products, through a number of paid media types. Yet has Barton stated organisations are paying millions pounds in the UK to...
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