Psychological Manipulation and Physical Control in 1984

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  • Published : April 15, 2012
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Psychological Manipulation and Physical Control in 1984
Through the years many governments have tried to control their people through many different ways. However, none of those civilizations came even close to the amount of control that the government displayed in George Orwell’s 1984 had over its’ people. The government of 1984 addressed the task of controlling the people through two main techniques. These two techniques the government used were psychological manipulation and physical control to rule over the people.

The government (also known as Big Brother) bombards the people of the civilization with rules, regulations and other methodical methods that cause the people to be anti-individualistic. The people are so focused on fallowing the laws in order to prevent the harsh penalties for breaking the law. These penalties for breaking the law ranged anywhere from the death sentence to many different forms of psychological torture modus operandi. One crime that the people could commit was called a thought crime. A thought crime was any thought that was not in line with Big Brother’s ideology. Not only does this control the people directly through the people’s actual thoughts (psychological manipulation) but it also dictates them physically through how Big Brother determines if someone is committing the thought crime. Big Brother determines a thought crime through using cameras everywhere and they examine the reactions on the face of the people and what they say to find out how they feel about what Big Brother is doing. This physically controls the people because it makes them not display any opposition to the government. Another example that concerns to Big Brother controlling the people was by the way that Big Brother had children brought up. The government brought the children into the organization called the “Junior Spies”. Once the children were in this organization they were taught and trained to betray their parents by being additional...
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