Psychological Disorder Analysis

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  • Published : May 14, 2013
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Psychological Disorder Analysis

There are many disorders that Marla may have. The one I found to be the most common that she may have is Major depression disorder. Based on the little information given about Marla it is stated that she has had trouble sleeping, feeling jumpy, and unable to concentrate. All of these things have affected Marla’s life and her work. I think out of those symptoms she would most likely fall under the category of Major depression disorder. Many people develop depression at some point and time in their lives. But when it comes to major depression disorder it is a more severe form of depression that can affect your life in many ways. For Marla it seems like it has already started affected her work life. Since Marla is unable to get enough sleep, and concentrate on her work. Ten questions I would ask Marla if I was able to interview her and find out more about her and what is going on would be, 1.) Do you know if there are mental health problems in the family? 2.) How did you feel when they you were younger and growing up? 3.) Do your feelings not allow you to experience any joy or happiness in your life? 4.) How long do you think you have experienced these symptoms? 5.) Have you symptoms gotten worse or stayed the same? 6.) How are you relationships with others?

7.) Do you feel hopeless or feel like giving up? 8.) What do you do for fun is there anything you enjoy? 9.) Do you have any medical issues?
10.) What brings you here? What do you want to get out of this? I think after getting the questions answered from Marla I could have more of an understanding as to what is going on. I think I could also pinpoint as to the depression and if the major depression disorder is exactly what she does have. Since I am only assuming from the little information and even after answer the questions it still may be hard to determine...
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