Psychological Diagnosis of Blackswan

Topics: Schizophrenia, Psychosis, Delusion Pages: 7 (2584 words) Published: August 20, 2012
III – Psychology

Black Swan is a story about an aspiring ballet dancer, Nina, who dreamt of playing the role of the Swan Queen in the play Swan Lake. Swan Lake is a ballet play in which a princess is turned into the White Swan and can only be turned back if a man swears eternal love to her. In the ballet, she is betrayed by the Black Swan, the evil magician's daughter whom the magician has transformed to look exactly like the princess in order to trick the prince who has fallen in love with her. In the end, the princess committed suicide because the Prince's infidelity has doomed her to remain a swan forever. The director of the play, Thomas Leroy, knew that Nina can very well play the role of the White Swan since her dance is controlled and perfect, but the problem is that the Swan Queen also has to play the role of the Black Swan, which needs to be free and sensual, and is nothing like Nina. After Nina’s attempt to ask for the lead role politely, Thomas kissed her and she bit his lips which shocked and impressed the director and made him changed his mind about the ballerina and gave her the lead role. This decision started the pressure and stress on Nina’s part and often found herself experiencing strange situations and has returned her bad habits of scratching her back. As the preparation went by, the director sees how hard it was for Nina to dance the role of the Black Swan, he then orders her to touch herself in order for the ballerina to experience her sexuality that will help her in the role. Nina woke up the next day and attempted to touch herself but found her mother sleeping beside her bed and cut off her moment of pleasure. As the pressure gets in her nerves, Nina’s mother has been no help to her and they often ended up arguing about Nina’s scratches, her mother’s treatment to her, and even Nina’s eating habits. Her mother has been very controlling and obsessed with her because she was also an aspiring ballet dancer but had to give up her career for being pregnant with Nina. She then frustrates Nina by making her act perfect and making her dance ballet. Nina’s days passed by with all the pressure and stress building up on her until the day of the play came. After making a mess of falling down on the middle of the dance, Nina lost her mind and found her insecurities in the form of Lily, the new dancer that dances freely and can fit for the role of the Black Swan, talking to her and suggesting that she should play the next scene instead of Nina. They ended up fighting and Nina stabbed her to death. The next moment, Nina felt different, she was stronger, confident, free and she played the role of the Black Swan perfectly which impressed all of the audience, her co-ballerinas and her director. She returned to her room to change back into the White Swan and was shocked to hear a knock on her door and found Lily complementing her on her dance, she then realized that she stabbed herself and the movie ended by Nina dancing perfectly until the last moment and saying “I was perfect”. II. ANALYSIS OF THE CHARACTER CHOSEN

I have chosen the Black Swan movie since it is an intense psychological thriller describing Nina, a ballet dancer who was willed to transform into the “Black Swan”. She was a shy and fragile beautiful young woman, who was chosen to play the role of the Swan Queen and must therefore embody both the pure White Swan and the evil Black Swan. Her quest for perfection as a ballet dancer leads her to experience, in her everyday life, the transformation experienced by the White Swan in the ballet’s story. The events of Nina’s daily life therefore mirror the story of the character she takes on as a ballet dancer, ultimately leading her to confusion and, as the line between reality and fiction begins to thin, direct her to insanity.

Nina leaves in a small apartment uptown with her mother, Erica, who is overbearing, controlling and obsessive. Erica is a...
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