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Topics: Giselle, Romantic ballet, Carlotta Grisi Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The Romantic Era of Ballet
The Romantic ballet Giselle is about a peasant boy and a prince who both fall in love with Giselle. The prince sees that Giselle may not like a prince such as himself so he pretends to be a peasant boy so Giselle will like him. Giselle and the prince fall in love. But then Giselle finds out that he is, indeed, a prince and he is engaged. The real peasant boy tells her this. Giselle goes mad and stabs herself with a sword. She dies and turns into a Willi (who kills men). The prince comes to visit her grave and Giselle protects him from the other Willis while the Willis kill the peasant boy. The ballet Giselle communicates that women at that time fall in love just as we do during this time. But just as easily as we fall in love, our hearts can easily get broken. Giselle’s emotions were just as a normal woman would react to such heartbreak, minus the suicidal part. But women mourn and are in disbelief when their heart breaks. However, imaginatively we do not turn into Willis when we pass away and kill men. This part in the ballet was very fictional.


The role of woman in the Romantic ballets reflected women in real-life by grasping women’s emotions perfectly with heartbreak, like in Giselle and being prone to love and risking that chance of getting the heart broken. It captures the happiness we as woman feel when we’re in love and the sadness and depressions we go into when that love is ripped away from us. The ballets show the vulnerability we have when men are around us. Though I think it’s more fantasy when Giselle portrayed woman as weak when she stabs herself. Women are much stronger than that and can hold their own when their heart breaks. Giselle does show however in the end that woman does hold a lot of power when she saves the prince from the Willis. Sometimes men need a woman’s help also, it is not always the other way around. The audiences may see that a woman is weak at first but as the ballets go on, it is...
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