Psychological Analysis

Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Brain, Psychology Pages: 5 (1652 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Christiana O Bankole

Professor Ahalya Hejmadi 

Psychology 100

July 4, 2012


For this assignment, the movie “Wrecked” was reviewed and a psychological analysis was conducted. Man is a character in the film that is trapped in a vehicle with loss of memory of who he is and how he ended up in the accident. As the days go on, he is faced with psychological challenges that either makes or breaks him during his time down in the ravine. With a dog as his only companion, his survival mode kicks in as he constantly struggles climbing to the top of the ravine for rescue by the park ranger. As he is in the vehicle, his memory begins to come back and the situation comes together.


When going to watch a movie, whether one that has been anticipated for a long time, or one that makes the consumer scratch their heads about the mental state of the script writers, everyone going into the theatre takes something they can identify themselves with at the end of it. In the field of script writing or movie making, all aspects of an actual persons real life has to be taken into consideration for the movie to be even remotely realistic. What makes a movie either successful or a waste of money is the trailer that will one, draw in the consumer for them to say “I want to go and watch that.” The movie “Wrecked” was an independent film that debut in 2010. From movie posters and perhaps even the trailer itself, it may not have seemed like a movie one would want to go see; everyone has a preference. However, if anyone ever had to divulge into the field of psychology, they will clearly see that almost every aspect of an individual being held in captivity, vulnerable state, or one suffering the post traumatic effects of war can relate to this movie. Even though it takes place in pretty much one setting, the obstacles and triumphs are very real for those who have been in a situation like this before.

The beginning of the movie shows the main character (pretty much the only character) wedged into the passenger seat of a vehicle. He has no idea how he got there or his identity. The vehicle is down in the pit of the woods, with nothing but trees and hills all around him. All he can do is sit there and struggle with the glove compartment that has clearly clamped on his legs. With no access to food or water, it is about three to five days before “Man” even manages to remotely attempt to open the door. There’s a dead body in the back seat that holds an identification card. He reads the name and still can’t for the life of him recognize who he is. After some days, a woman spots him and comes down to his aid. Man is ever so grateful for her help she even has a small snack for him to eat as he has no eaten anything. She assures him everything will be fine and then he wakes up. There is no woman. He is still in this car. Eventually as he makes his way out of the vehicle, he sees money in the trunk of the vehicle, which leads him to believe that he is one of the robbers of the bank. Being trapped in the ravine, he befriends a dog which ends up as his only companion in the movie. The isolation hunger and fatigue gets to him as he begins to hallucinate and see images that aren’t there. Coming face to face with the animals of the forest, hopelessness begins to set him for him that he may not make it out alive as the pistol he found in the vehicle becomes a reminder as his way out of what seems like misery. With his memory slowly coming back to him he eventually stumbles across a river and as he thinks he is finally making progress to climbing out of the jungle abyss he somehow ends up right back to where he began. Breaking down but not giving up hope he manages to finally climb to the road after countless prior attempts. Finally being located by the park Ranger his companion is suddenly gone. Going back to the...
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